December 1, 2008

Birthdays and the Terrible Twos

Dear Madness,

well, you're two now. Your birthday weekend went quite smoothly, to my utter shock, which wasn't easy because having two birthday parties on the one weekend was actually kind of nuts. Next year, I think I'll just fork out the cash and pay for a big party somewhere to save us a lot of fuss and bother.

Now that you're two, you're becoming more and more vocal about everything. In the last two weeks, you've added quite a few words to your vocab, including (YAY!) some English ones, like "Again" and "More!" which is excellent. Naturally, your temper tantrums have increased to two or three daily, but for every tantrum there are 100 funny things you do that make them worth while.

Also, you're BIG! I mean, you've always been big, but now you're the size of the average German three-year-old, which sends your father into fits of panic. Your projected height as an adult is 192cms or 6"2, which means you'll tower over both your parents by the time you start school.

Basically, you're just a whole lot of fun. Next week, I'm taking you over to Ireland for a visit. I hope you don't mind that Papa's not coming, and it's probably going to be rainy (okay, it will be rainy, it's Ireland) and cold.

Lots of love,

October 21, 2008


Dearest Madness,

wow, what a crazy month this has been! I'm really glad you decided to like music school and that you seem to have a good time there, and I'm sorry you have to miss the first proper music session so your mother can go and get that hot chocolate massage you gave her for Mother's Day. I completely forgot all about music school when I booked the massage.

I don't know if it's because the very thought of being massaged with hot chocolate makes my brain go crazy, or if I'm just not used to factoring the music school bit into our schedule. Probably a bit of both.

Also, thank you for sleeping in until 8:30 on the morning after I went out with some friends and didn't end up going to sleep till 4am. I didn't stay out that late, but had some beers and philosophical conversation with your Papa when I got home. So, sincerely, I'm so glad you did that for me!

Also, you seem to be falling ill. Again. As do I, judging by the copious amounts of coffee required to clear my head this morning.

I hope you feel better, soon!


October 2, 2008

Wow, buddy, you're so old!

Hi, darling.

Wow, it just occurred to me the other day while talking to our landlord, that you turn two next month! The big 0-2. I think this is freaking me out more than, say, turning thirty in a year and a bit. 2 is a big age, not just because of the HOLY COW OUT OF THE WORLD temper tantrums, but also because it's when you start becoming a child.

You won't grow as much physically in the next two years as you have in the last two. You will start Kindergarten next year. We will over the course of the next 12 months have conversations that don't require me guessing what it is you're trying to say.

You're going to go from being my baby to being my boy. I'm looking forward to it, because you're an amazing little person already, but man. 2!

Tomorrow's a public holiday, so that's good for us. Mama's going to the gym for your nap time, because heaven forbid she should use a day off work to relax a while, but maybe it will be sunny and the three of us can do something really fun.

I'm glad you're so taken with your blanket and pillow, by the way. The way you snuggle right in is dead cute.

Much love,

September 28, 2008

Music school, here we come!

Dear Madness,

yay! Yesterday, we got the letter saying you'd been accepted into Music School. I didn't know that this was a big deal until other mothers at playgroup mentioned they knew kids who didn't get in.

Now I feel like we're in some elite group of Mums and Bebes who get to sit in a room and bash about on instruments every week. In all honesty, I have no idea what to expect, and it goes till February, so it's going to be a lot of fun. I do hope you like it.

Awww, your first School. How exciting. I'm really looking forward to getting you out of the house on Tuesday afternoons to an activity that takes place inside.

I wonder if we could take your Wa-Wa. Do you think showing the other kids how to play the didgeridoo would be annoying or endearing?


September 27, 2008

A People Person

Dear Madness,

what a fabulous week we've had! The zoo was fun, though it took us an hour to get a third of the way through, and you did fall down those stairs. Playgroup was good fun, too, and I think we'll both be glad for the break for autumn holidays. Having visitors on Wednesday night was extra fun, and going to meet "Didi" at the busstop seemed like your idea of a good time! Honestly, charming those old ladies by offering them your seat was a crafty way to get a lolly. I like your style, kiddo.

Today, you were great in the baby shop while I was buying the winter sack thing for your pram. You slid on that slide the whole time I was being served! It was really very considerate of you not to fall off it, or try and go down sideways as you are sometimes wont to do.

I hope you know this is the reason why you're the proud owner of a new police car. You were so lovely to everyone this week. I'm sorry that once outside, you had to be carried because you wanted to crawl along the carpark on your hands and knees and push your car. I'm sorry that not being allowed to do this was cause for throwing it on the ground from Mama-height, and breaking the sirens.

Your "nee-nar-nee-nar" car nee-nars no more!

And please stop growing. You're out of sleeping bags now and under a proper blanket and with a proper pillow! Next you'll want out of your cot and into a bed or something and then I'll be blinking and you'll want out of our house and into goodness knows where!

Just stop it, okay, pumpkin? Stay little forever, and help Mummy ignore the wrinkles on her face. There's a good boy.

Lots of love,

September 16, 2008

Papa is not a jumping castle!

Dear Madness,

it's not nice to jump on Papa when he's really sick. By the third pained exclamation, you maybe should have stopped, even though it was really fun to fall back onto the bed.

Also, getting your Bärli off Papa's face with your teeth wasn't very kind, either. We're really going to have to work on your developed fetching technique.

I hope you're having a lovely nap,


September 15, 2008

Sharing Illness and Disasterous Haircuts

Dear Madness,

thanks for keeping your tantrums to a minimum while Mummy shares your cold. I really appreciate it.

Your efforts of manipulation are also to be applauded! The fact that you've grasped the concept that if Mama says "no", there is a chance that Papa will say "yes" if he didn't hear the previous conversation has begun a lot earlier than either of your parents were expecting. Highly commendable.

You sure do know how to keep your parents on their toes!

Also, I would like to apologise for the last time I tried to cut your hair. I fear my attempts quite made you resemble a demented Beatle (of the John, Paul, Ringo and George variety) whose haridresser loves, loves him not.

You'll especially hate this -- and some frolicking naked photos we took in Oma's garden -- during the slide show I already have planned for your 21st birthday.

Much love,

September 4, 2008

Poo-Poos and Vomit is right!

Dearest Madness,

I'm not sure where in the baby manual it says "when you have failed to catch any kind of virus in the first 22 months of your life, you should try and catch as many as you can in the lead up to your second birthday" but you could have skipped over that bit.

I do have to brag about how awesome you are, though, because instead of the aforementioned poo-poo and vomit, no one would be able to tell you're sick! You're a little whingier than usual, but that could also be your age. Don't worry, baby, all the books would tell you it's just a phase.

Oh, and I bet Papa's happy to the tips of his toes that you can say words like "Jupiter" and "Mars" before you've bothered to say "Oma" or "Opa".

Okay, now you're in bed and it's time for me to get myself off to the gym.

Thanks for being so good today. I don't think I could have handled poo-poo, vomit, and crazy banshee child.


September 3, 2008

Driving Master Madness

Dearest Madness,

I know it's exciting, driving your Papa to work. It's a nice little morning adventure. However, we do have to talk about driving behaviour once Papa has been dropped off.

Your Mummy has only had her driver's licence for seven weeks (and one day). Please do not, under any circumstances, scream loudly while I am trying to overtake some trucks on really narrow lanes in a construction area with a hundred cars behind me and probably infuriated because I am only doing 10km/h over the speed limit.

Also, I am going to tie your Bärli to your seat, so that you can't drop him on the floor and cry all the way home, okay? Okay.

Much love (and a bit of a headache)

A change

Owing to the fact that I am obviously having updatery issues (ie I don't update daily as a good blogging Mummy should!) I've decided to change the format of the blog and have it be letters to Madness instead.

Some will be brief, some will not, but hopefully you'll still get something out of them! :o)

Madness' Mum